Story of lil me0w's frens

Friday, October 31, 2008

u better be good or u'll be my dinner today cute chic..

hey..i'm naked..dun take my pic ok..

i'm so sleepy..wat r u doing..(actually he was talking in his dreams..)

hey! i told ya dun take my pic on the bed!
but i'm sexy rite? me outta here mommy..

ur mommy is also in here son..

am i crazee???

no i'm not..

oh no! something is coming! is it a bull dog???

oh..u're juz a chihuahua..hello dear..

actually i've nvr afraid of any dogs..haha..

hey dad..r u watching news?

no i'm not..there is no news bout our relatives in there..

oh dad..u must be crazee..

oh see..dat's my baby face when i sleep..

oh cats..dun make any noise..i need some sleep in here..

Random pics in my collections

hey! help me outta here..please..

ebab: "am i cute? if x why did u take my pic?"

ebab: "hey look at there? wat is dat?"

lil me0w: "bear2 from my hugable teddy"

1st rose for me!

lil meow: "wat? i nvr knew someone took my photo as a cover for teen mag!
with that confused look..hehe"