1st - openhouse

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dis post - wanna say thx to all frens yg dtg my openhouse hr 2...i expect bout 20 je yg dtg but more than 30 came..thx guys..luv u all~

1st trip- dhah~fith~2 org kwn diorg~
2nd trip- k.yatie~k.rin~mira~nard~n iftitah~
3rd trip- yanie & bf
4th trip- norman~arie~ezaf~fatihah~farzana~
5th trip- nina & her cousin
6th trip- geng2 kmkn...naim~ehsan~azfar~mirul~erk lupe lar lg 3-4 org....sowie..
7th trip- karm~alep~+ 2 kwn..huhu~

hah lupe lar......rmi kwn2 kmkn yg dtg...bdk mahad karm sorg je...gdod ngan auni xdtg pon..bkn stkt xdtg..reply msg pon lmbt...ya..i guess they've forgotten me.. =( nk wat cane..diorg kn bdk uia..sye nih bdk um je..

9 oct 09

Friday, October 9, 2009

9 Oct 09 12.15am

Dear diary..i wonder why he cant be the way I want him to be..
It’s not that I’m changing him..
I just want him to treat me better..
And I know he can give me the best..
There’s not much that I want from him..
Yet I still cant get it..
Or am I being too stingy?
Or selfish?

It’s just that he has changed from the person he used to be..
He used to be caring and lovely..
He used to be very concern and protectful..
Which I can no longer see in himself..
And I miss the old him..
I miss the old him badly..
Keep thinking of it makes me cry..

Only if he can understand what I’m trying to say..
Only if he can feel how bad my feelings are..
Only if he can makes me happy..
Which he always did in the past..
I’l swipe all these tears…..

In finding of love,

mls lg..lg2 mls..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

nk update psl few things..test evid yg plik pg td..plik ttp bnr..

plg best psl openhouse last sat..yea!

tp mlsnye..hadoi...

dis fri kne htr asgmt remedi pulak!!!